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Make long journeys more enjoyable by placing bulky objects up on the roof and out of the way.

TJM Roof Racks are super-tough, engineered for functionality, and provide the ultimate storage solution for your vehicle. They are also a less expensive and 4WD-limiting option than if you were towing a trailer.

So, when it comes to Vehicle Racking, TJM Equipped has done its research. Not only are our racks contoured for efficient aerodynamics, but they are durable, practical and importantly, look great. From the heavy-duty steel Roof Rack to the lightweight aluminium Roof Rack as well as a range of carry-rack systems, TJM offers the right racking system to suit most vehicles. Fully welded, TJM Vehicle Racking includes options such as Mesh Floors or Wind Deflectors, which minimise noise even when traveling at high speeds. You can even mount a Hi-lift Jack to the side guaranteeing it’s readily accessible during emergencies.