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Fitted with a strong steel channel and a single polished alloy loop over the grille, these bars convey multiple benefits. Where the steel channel enables strong frontal protection, the single loop provides upper grille protection. This style adds a smart finish to any vehicle as well as ensuring peace of mind for the safety of the vehicle and its occupants in the event of an animal strike.

  • Designed for improved approach angle
  • 76mmØ polished centre tube
  • Integrated fog lights (fog lights, wiring harness & switches included)
  • Flush mounted L.E.D. polycarbonate indicator/park lenses
  • Re-inforced T-slot recovery jack points (suits the TJM recovery jack)
  • Recovery points rated to 8000KG in a straight line pull only when used with a 8000KG equaliser strap and 2 x 4.75T bow shackles
  • Low profile winch mount (TJM recommends fitment up to TJM 9,500lb cable and synthetic winches)*
  • Accommodates large driving lights (up to Britax Xray Vision 220 series)
  • Provision for fitment of dual aerials
  • Airbag compatible and ADR compliant
  • Does not void your new vehicle warranty
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