TJM Pro Lockers are tested in the rugged Australian outback. We throw everything this diverse country landscape has at them and we do it over and over in the most extreme environments found. What better testing ground to continuously research and improve Pro Locker’s capability?  Today, the TJM Pro Locker stands alone. An innovative air operated differential locker that, at the flick of a cabin switch, allows you to send equal drive to both wheels providing 100% traction. The separate pneumatic system that has no internal ‘o’ rings or oil seals adds to the operational simplicity and low maintenance, whether you’re a hard core competitor or a weekend wheeler.

The Pro Locker’s incredible strength comes from its unique one piece cross shaft (instead of the usual three), hardened thrust washers and highest quality materials used in its construction.  These reasons and more, is why we are so confident in our lockers that we can offer something no other company can… A LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.




  • Unique air operated actuator is statically mounted to theprolocker_mqtriton_4
    differential housing, eliminating the possibility of air seal wear and
    oil being pumped up the airline.
  • Hardened locking ring is extremely strong with a full 9mm of
    engagement on both the inner and outer diameters.
  • Carrier housing manufactured from high quality SG iron material.
  • Carrier housing designed with increased section thickness for high
    strength compared to open OE carriers.
  • Hardened 1 piece cross shaft used for the highest internal gear set
  • 4 pinion gear design is manufactured from EN36 material
    delivering increased strength compared to OE 2 pinion gear.
  • Hardened thrust washers used for increased gear durability.
  • High grade 12.9 fasteners used for maximum carrier housing
    assembly strength.
  • Reinforced heavy duty external hose extension is supplied as
    standard to minimise the risk of the airline being damaged by
    debris while driving.
  • No carrier modification needed other than the drilling and tapping
    of a bulkhead fitting.
  • Robust design equals less maintenance.
  • Coloured LED cabin switches show clearly when TJM Pro Locker is
    on or off.
  • Patented design that has been used and proven in the field for over 20 years.



If you are using synthetic winch rope the new TJM alloy offsetfair_offset_2
fairlead is a must.  Traditional roller style fairleads are not
suitable for synthetic ropes.  The TJM alloy offset fairlead
allows smooth rope operation while protecting synthetic
ropes against damage.  The lightweight aluminium
construction means it weighs a lot less than a steel roller
style fairlead and gives the front of your 4×4 a great look.
The TJM Offset Hawse Fairlead is becoming a requirement
more and more on later model vehicles where the winch is
required to be mounted lower in the bar. This makes
the rope leave the bullbar at a different height, requiring
the fairlead to be offset with the opening higher than normal.

The TJM offset Alloy Hawse fairlead is made from polished Alloy
with recessed bolt heads.


Bolt Pattern: 254mm Offset: 15mm
Material: Aluminium Finish: Polished



TJM’s Signature bar for the new Ford Everest & Ranger is available now. The unique design is signified by a strong centre loop, accompanied by two refined side loops protecting the headlights. This bar is light weight, strong and looks the part too. Adding guaranteed class to your four wheel drive, the TJM Signature bar is sure to make others green with envy.
TJM engineers spent countless hours perfecting the Signature design to ensure you’re equipped with one of the finest bull bars available in the market. TJM bull bars are put through a comprehensive design criteria and testing process to ensure that all TJM bars are airbag compatible and ADR compliant.


  • Highly polished 76mmø centre tube & 63mmø outer tubing
  • Alloy construction
  • Innovative styling to complement the Everest’s unique design
  • Wing under guards and centre guard
  • Designed for optimal approach angle
  • 8000KG rated recovery points as standard*
  • Integrated LED fog lights (fog lights, wiring harness & switches included)
  • Flush steel mounted LED combination lights with tough polycarbonate lenses
  • Integrated winch mount (TJM recommends fitment up to TJM Torq 9,500lb cable and synthetic winches)
  • Accommodates large driving lights (up to Britax Xray Vision 220 series)
  • Accommodates OE adaptive cruise control system
  • Provision for fitment of dual aerials
  • Parking sensor compatible
  • Airbag compatible and ADR compliant
  • Does not void your new vehicle warranty

*Recovery points rated to 8000kg in a straight line pull when used with a 8000kg equaliser strap and 2 x 4.75T bow shackles




Whether you’re tackling corrugated roads, rough terrain, or planning to tow a caravan across the country, you can’t go past a TJM XGS Series 4000 Suspension Kit to improve every aspect of your  drive.  You’ll be equipped for a smoother, more comfortable ride while also improving road handling, braking ability, noise and vibration.  4WD’s have factory engineered suspension, but it’s usually only enough to accommodate a boot load of gear and general road driving or limited off-road driving.  Installing a set of shock absorbers, a pair of springs or a full TJM XGS Series 4000 suspension kit will immediately transform your vehicle’s ride handling, load carrying and towing capabilities. Don’t forget to chat with your local TJM distributor about your individual suspension needs.


  • 30mm suspension lift front and rear for increased ground clearance:xgs4000_pajero_sport_2
    › Maximum allowable lift to conform to VSB 14
    › Maximum lift to ensure CV angles are acceptable for durability performance
    › Front coil spring available:
    › 770FR50Q Raised
    › 659XS150Q XS Strut range available to provide improved body control
    and comfort when paired with TJM raised springs
    › 2 rear coil spring options available:
    › 770RRC52M Raised Comfort
    › 770RR52M Raised
    › 650XS252M XS shock absorber range available to provide improved body
    control and comfort when paired with TJM raised springs
  • Note: For more information on the TJM XGS S4000 suspension range please
    refer to the TJM Suspension Application Guide